Cleaning up

I’m getting ready to go to bed for my last full night in Puerto Rico.  As I think back over the process that got our group here and what we have accomplished these last two weeks I am amazed at God’s provion.  Our team has been so blessed by the time we have been able to spend here especially with the students and staff of CSCD.  The relationships we have established are real and lasting.  It has been humbling to see how extraordinary tbese individuals are.  I have enough trouble using one language but they are all able to switch from English to ASL to Spanish and not be completely confused.  It was pretty funny the other night at the store Drista was doing a great job translating Spanish for me to make a purchase but as we were leaving someone said some to her in Spanish and she accidentally a answered in ASL.  🙂

  We have been blessed with time to finish so many of the tasks we have had before us but become a little frustrated with what we see we could do with more time.  God ‘s time is perfect though.  We are so greatful for the generosity of our VBS kids.  We purchased the power washer the school needed with the funds.  But because of there giving we were also able to purchase a microwave, generator, and a washing machine as well.  All things so needed by the school.  Please keep praying we have so much to finish up tomorrow.  We leave very early Saturday morning so not much sleep tomorrow evening.

Better get to sleep so I am ready to go tomorrow.

Thanks again for all of your support!



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