Do we have to go home?

Often after going on trips away from home, it’s so fun, but by the end you are dying to get home. You enjoyed your trip. You are happy being there and even to stay for an extra day or two would be awesome, but you just you are ready to be home. Do you relate?


When we arrived at Luquillo I was nervous, excited, happy, even giddy. After being here, working here, playing here, and bonding here for just about 12 days I have this sense of home here. I love the thrill of traveling, it’s just the students are so great. The students, though there may be a small barrier, are brothers and sisters in Christ. They have opened up so much and just imagining never seeing them again is odd to me. God is doing great things here in the CSCD.
That being said, the students are mostly leaving today. Sigh. I think today is going to be a rough day for the team. We have our last day of VBS and then most of the students will head to their homes.

Pray for the team as we say goodbye to the students, the staff, the school, and the territory in the next few days. As hot, humid, and dirty it is here, it feels like another home and it will be hard to leave it. Also, pray for save travels of the students as thy return home. Lastly, pray for the students to remember what it is like to have the “under twentys” as role models. I pray that they remember how we acted, how we loved, and how we served. Pray for me because I’d really like to stay in touch with the students when we return home.

We do thank those of you at CBC involved in raising money for the school at VBS. This money went into a powerwasher, a microwave, a generator, and a washer. Lora, part of the staff, was SO happy to have the new microwave. Betsy was pleased to hear that she was getting a new generator as well. Be encouraged that your gifts to make a difference. Being on this end of the VBS offering was very very cool.

Thanks for reading!
See you on the other side soon,



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I am a music education major at Messiah College. I play flute, double bass, and violin in multiple ensembles at the college.

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