Thoughts from Drew

Here at CSCD (Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf) the deaf children are taught about Christ and his love for them despite their lack of auditory reception. The children have a rather peculiar sense of humor better than I expected. I was surprised at how fast the team and the children learned to communicate despite the language barrier.

The children (Mizael, Yajaira, Maria, Larimar, and Juan) started off their school year by learning the team’s members’ names. They enjoyed the Olympic-themed games set up for them by my dad and brother (Bob (Father) and Alex (Brother)). The games were enjoyable for all who participated and even those who watched.

Many of the other activities included Bio Bay (a bay filled with motion activated bioluminescent single celled plankton), snorkeling, swimming and body boarding at the beach (which I haven’t done in 6 years!!!), catching lizards, visiting the rainforest,  visiting Old San Juan, and seeing iguanas, which are HUGE down there, by the way!!!.

The wild life’s diversity far exceeds that at home in Pennsylvania. While here, we have squirrels, deer, and trees. Puerto Rico has plenty of tropical and exotic wildlife to offer. Iguanas, many species of lizards, coquis (small frogs), Many types of coral, sea anemones, fish of all sorts, sea cucumbers, and aquatic life are only a few of the many animals populating Puerto Rico.

God is teaching me to accept that “life” happens sometimes. Though at times it can be hard and sad, it is crucial to survival in modern society. Sometimes you have to accept what life sends your way, good or bad. I praise God for teaching me this valuable and useful skill.


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