There’s Always that ONE!

Being here has been such a blessing and the fact that we only have 2 more days with the students has me panicking a bit. I love it here and see so many more things that could be done if we just had more time. I finally feel like I’m getting to know the students and am getting comfortable attempting to communicate with them. I see the team working well together and knowing that we need to finish strong in such a short period of time has me feeling both happy and sad at the same time!

This trip has been very educational for me as well. I came here willing to do whatever needed to be done. Seriously, anything! The down side is that sometimes I must wait; the people who I need to talk to in order to get directions are busy elsewhere, or my job is outside and it’s pouring rain, etc. The scenarios for delays are many and I have found I don’t like delays! I have had to accept the pauses in what I had assumed would be a crazy whirl of activity and have even tried to enjoy them. My Bible study this morning was on slowing down and taking time to appreciate what God is doing for me in the waiting and not just getting it done so that the next thing can get done and so on. It helped me realize that even though I knew I wasn’t in control I did think a lot more things should get done. In order for God’s Word to really take root I need to relinquish my well intentioned “let’s do this” attitude. I wish I had read that BEFORE this trip but something tells me I really wouldn’t have gotten it had I not come to accept that though I’m here to be a blessing to others I need to accept the blessing of another step in seeing God’s ways are best. I thought I was coming with a big enough definition of whatever. Clearly, I need to further my education in “whatever” and it has not been the most comfortable. I’m thankful that those delays have made it possible to write in my journal every day! A luxury for which I’m sure I’ll be thankful for years after this trip is over. I’m thankful for time to play with Betsy’s 3 wonderful dogs, time to chat and get to know my teammates, the students, and staff, and time to give thanks and praise as I see my family serve together.

So what’s up with the title? Glad you asked! If you didn’t know before this blog post, sometimes it doesn’t take much for me to be unable to juggle well the things life throws at me. That’s where “There’s Always that One” comes from. I have seen that title on a few social media memes; either with kittens sitting nicely and one about to pounce on them or several neatly dressed older ladies with one in a feather boa and an outlandish hat. I have a few of “those ones” in my life and I suspect I may be “that one” to a few friends too. However “that one” for me here in PR is a dear friend who has texted me often to let me know she is praying fervently for me. I have prayed with her many times and I know she is a passionate, effective prayer warrior. Even more humbling is that she is going through a trial of her own. That’s what I mean here by “There’s Always that One”. I know that even mission trips that go well are not all “rainbows and unicorns”. I now know far better the need to pray fervently for missionaries. Do you have “that one”? Oh, how I long even more now for church families to be a place where there is always “that one”. Where every person has a place at someone’s side to fervently support in prayer no matter what life throws at them. Isn’t that the type of mission we should all be on? To be “that one” who is able to set aside their own troubles to pray or provide whatever support they can, no matter what life throws at them.

Lord, help me be “that one” also.



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