Awesome Missions Experiences

The first day of school I was partnered with a kid named Mizeal. Helping him learn was a blast! He was hard of hearing and could hear me and understand me quite with using minimal sign language. Even today we often sit together during lunch and snack. Since he hears so well I can use him as an interpreter to other deaf kids. Mizael was so energetic. When he came to school he would see Deliah (Ms. Betsy’s Great Dane) and they would wrestle each other and run around in the court yard. Mizael is the crazy, energetic student I was hoping for and God certainly always prevails for the better.

On the first Wednesday we went to an abandoned pier. The pier was about 15 feet till the water and jumping in to it was a blast, doing flips and dives off the pier were so much fun. Later we went to the end of the pier and explored the coral reef underneath the pier. The water was crystal clear and the fish were numerous.

On Monday the kids and the team were going snorkeling at the beach. The coral reef was beautiful. All the cracks in the coral each swarmed with hundreds of fish all different colors. The fish would swim in and around my legs, it was so cool. It was fun to see how many different types of fish I could pick out, but the variety of species was too much for any human to count. If any one looks at that reef and says there is no God. I very much doubt they are being honest. Ms. Betsy clearly knows how to put the ‘fun’ back in serving God.



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