A Silent Perspective

Not knowing what to expect but prepared for anything, I have not been disappointed or suprised at God’s presence here. There is a good part of the people here that suffer from hearing loss. Ms. Betsy and her team do a teriffic job with the children. Some have never had any eduation at the age of 14 yrs.
The children are so happy here despite their hearing loss. It has been a challange for me to remember all the signs, but again, God is good and the kids are patient. The hardest part of this trip will be having to leave them behind and hoping God gives me another opportunity to serve here in the future. The second is all the animals I want to rescue.

The weather here is VERY hot and humid but God is good and He has taken care of me. I feel blessed to have come on this mission trip for several reasons. The first, is seeing how the Lord takes care of the hurting and those in need by sending His people to help. Two verses come to mind; Matt. 20:28 and Phil. 4:19. Missions has taken on a whole new meaning. Secondly, I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to get to know people from church and here at the school.

This trip was something I wanted to do since I got my diagnosis because I knew I need to be able to truly trust the Lord in the difficult days to come and He has proven faithful time again. My walk has grown and I’ve made lots of new friends in Christ. Thankful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about all that God has done and shown me. Thank you Calvary Bible for believing in me and trusting in the Lord that He is in control and for your heart for missions. I’m looking forward to getting more involved at church and getting to know the rest of the family.

See you all soon.

In Him,

Sue Richard


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