Being used by God in Puerto Rico

Well, I guess it is time for me to add to the blog! Let me start by saying that although I had prepared lessons for the students on the Olympics, I did not really think that I would be the one in the classroom teaching the students! Who was I kidding? I have had a great time in the classroom co-teaching with Betsy! Sometimes, I teach and Ben translates which does give Betsy a break. Lyla has done some teaching and playing some games with the Olympic concepts we have taught. She is a natural! It has been awesome being able to work with the kids to implement technology tools that I use in my classroom at home. Betsy is certainly a willing participant and it has been so great to work with her to give her new tools to use with the students. They really LOVE the iPads. It has truly been a blessing and honor to share Betsy’s classroom and students!

I have also been amazed at how much of my college Spanish has come back since I have been here. We went to the Spanish church last week and I understood most of the service. Today, Steve asked me to order him a coffee…I really didn’t understand why and then I remembered that Steve doesn’t speak Spanish and many of the smaller businesses have cashiers that don’t speak English. I love this part of the culture as I see almost everything in Spanish!

I have NOT had as much luck with the sign language part. I know some of the signs but not nearly enough. Hayley seems to have picked up so much sign language this week and she has really bonded with two of the girls who are close to her age. We spent yesterday shopping and visiting the rain forest. The girls were glued to Hayley’s hip and they all had a great time. One of them announced this week that Hayley was her best friend. What an honor to serve here and be able to pour into the lives of these kids.

Lyla, Hayley, and Shanna have continued to minister with music here as well. They played a violin/flute trio for special music at the Spanish church last week. Later they were invited to play at a funeral for someone in the same church. They also had an opportunity to play violin with one of the deaf students and even have some students in for a mini violin camp. Who would have thought that God would use their musical gifts even here?!

I keep thinking of Philippians 4:19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. This has been so throughout our time here as he provided the time and the gifts for all of us to be able to come here to serve HIM!

Please continue to pray for us as we withstand the heat and prepare for another week in the classroom!




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