Hard work with joy

Well I haven’t had the opportunity to post anything lately.  We have been quite busy here in Puerto Rico.  I think I left off Saturday. Well Sunday we were blessed to be able to attend Betsy’s church, Iglesia Bautista Hemanos Unidos, in Fajardo.  The service and singing were in Spanish but we had a great translator who helped those of us who didn’t know Spanish.  Alex H did a very nice job introducing the team to the church and we had three from our team Hayley, Lyla, and Shanna play for flute and violin for special music.  See the video in the link provided.  Link to video.  Sunday afternoon we were able to have lunch with our translator and family.  It was great getting to know them.  Once back at the school we were able to have some of the team clean up the grounds then take in some time at the beach.  Drista and Betsy were able to get some quality preparation time for the student’s return to the classroom.  She also stayed to prepare a great home cooked meal for the team. We had team devotions then some free time.

Monday the students arrived and the team was so excited to welcome them.  Each student was paired with a 20 and under team member to bond with them and assist with the lessons.  Sue, Dorinda, and Annette helped in so many ways including preparation of our snack and lunch.  Drista worked with Betsy to do the instruction in the classroom.  While this was happening Dave, Bob, Shanna, and I worked on placing a steel cable between the building with an attached Ethernet cable (for internet) between the buildings.  This was quite the undertaking as it needs to be at least hurricane resistant and grounded to help protect the equipment at either end.  As Dave and I continued to work on networking, Bob H ran our CSCD Olympics for the a students including creating their own countries and flags.  Several “Gold” metals were awarded to students for their outstanding efforts.  After the students left for the day many of the team headed to the beach again.  I stayed back and “broke” the internet. (Never let a server guy do your networking 😉 ). I learned alot and was able to get it mostly back up and operational before the team returned.  Drista had another great home cooked meal.  Lyla, Hayley, and Shanna were asked to play again at a local funeral with Betsy.  Great that they were able to serve.  When they returned we had devotions and settled in again.

Things are going well.  It’s pretty hot so we all need your prayers to keep us on track and rested.  I’ll post again soon.



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