Days 1 & 2

We are here!! It’s been a great, but HOT, two days.

Day 1

I guess leaving waking up at 2:30 am takes it out of you because let me tell you, I was completely out of it the entire first day (travel day). I slept about 4 hours the night before we left plus a half hour in the car to the airport, an hour at the airport and probably about 4 hours on the plane. We arrived at Ms. Betsy’s around 4:30 pm or so after running some errands and grabbing lunch. After arriving at Ms. Betsy’s I just remember feeling really out of it from sleeping so much that day.

After having our evening meeting I got to “talk” with the two girls who are students here and had arrived early. Yajaira and Maria are sisters and they are staying in the dorm room beside Johanna and I. They are both really sweet. Yajaira was really anxious to get to know us and came in and brought her sign language notebook. She taught Johanna and I some things to say and as we continued “talking” siblings came up. I said that my sister was here (with much pointing and nodding and sign for sister being used. She didn’t know who I was describing, so Johanna and I took her to Hayley’s room. I pointed at her and did the sign for sister. Of course she proceeded to get her sister, Maria, from the bathroom to show me her sister. The girls showed us pictures of their family and joked around with us for about a half hour and even though I was exhausted and planned to go to bed, God gave me the strength to talk to those girls. It was a really great start to the trip.

Day 2

Today we were excited to attend the Spanish church, Iglesia Buetista Hermanos Unitos. The church was really fun and the members were really friendly. They greeted us with hugs, handshakes, and waves during the greeting song. The music was really fun, (We clapped along!) however, many of the songs were unknown by most of us. Shanna, Hayley, and I played special music for the church, What a Friend we Have in Jesus, on flute and two violins. It was very cool because some people were even singing along. We even went to church early with Ms. Betsy and ran through the song. She took us out to breakfast after we rehearsed at a local restraint and I thought it was funny because we were the entertainment to the locals.  The sermon was on faith and how we have to believe in God and do what he says even if it will make our lives uncomfortable. It was a good reminder going into the week of heat and acclimating students.

After church we went to a restraunt that served Mexican food! I got a chicken burrito and couldn’t even finish it. After arriving back at the school, we did some grounds work, like raking, weed whacking, sweeping, and leaf blowing. We were good and hot for a trip to the beach later that afternoon. The water felt AMAZING! We had so much fun at the beach. When we arrived back we ate chicken corn soup for dinner. After dinner instead of helping with the dishes, Jayaira told me to come with her, so I followed. The team seemed like they had finished up the dishes mostly. Her and I went to the swing set for just about 10 minutes, then we had our team meeting at the chapel. I hope she appreciated the little amount of attention I gave her at that time. After figuring out our schedule for the two weeks, some of the team had some great bonding time over a game of apples to apples.

 Prayer needs

Please pray for our team to keep our energy up, even in this heat and to just latch on to those new experiences even though they may be frightening and nerve racking. Much of the team is trying new things this week and are anxious/ excited to do them. Day 3- 6 will be all about the students and being a blessing to them on their first day of school! Keep us in mind as we help them to readjust to school life and get to know our team.

Quote of the day: “It’s so hot I wish that I could sleep with nothing touching my body, no mattress, just levitating.” –Johanna Marlin

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading and thank you for your continued support of our team!




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I am a music education major at Messiah College. I play flute, double bass, and violin in multiple ensembles at the college.

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