Team Travel Part II

Well it was a very eventful day today for the team.  I can fill you in on the six members who made their way from Hanover to Puerto Rico today.  Annette, Shanna, Ben, Lyla, Hayley and I meet at CBC at 3:30 AM this morning.  We were quite tired but excited about the possibilities the day held for us.  We were so encouraged by Pastor Mike, Dave Markle Sr., Zach Markle, Kevin and Becca Lippy, and Tammi, Eric, and Ian Wolfe being there to support us and send us off with prayer.  Dave Sr. did a great job of getting us to BWI without any issues.  The Lord blessed us with a quick and easy passage through the security lines.  Once in our concord we disbursed to get some breakfast and of course my coffee.  The plane arrived on time and we were able to board and sit together which was a blessing as the plane was completely full.  The four hour flight allowed many of our team some much needed sleep time. The flight crew was outstanding.  I can’t say enough about how great Southwest Airlines did in getting us there and gave us some great laughs on the trip.  We arrived on time and were excited to be greeted by Dave and Drista with the van from CSCD.  We quickly loaded the vans and set off for a nice lunch together.  We then had some supplies to finish getting for the team while we were in San Juan.  We spent quite a bit of time in the SAMs Club getting stocked up.  With the supplies loaded and packed we set off for CSCD and after another quick stop off at the grocery we were ready to arrive at the school.  We had a hard rain drop as we arrived which made unloading a bit exciting but it had brought the rest of the team home from the beach which was extremely helpful.  With the supplies unloaded the newly arriving team found our rooms and settled in as Drista and crew prepared a nice dinner of taco salad.  While dinner was being prepared we replaced one of the seats in the van so the whole team could go to church together in the morning.  Dave and I were able to do a quick cursory overview of the networking setup and tasks that need to be accomplished.  We then met together with the staff, some students, and the team for dinner.  Just saying Ben got the opportunity to pray for the evening meal in ASL and did a great job.  After dinner the team each did there part to get cleaned up and ready for our devotional.  We had a great time talking about the plans for tomorrow and a spent some quality time in God’s Word.  One of the things we discussed was how God made provisions for all of us to be here now.  It was humbling to see how God has worked individually in each person’s life to put them here on this team. After devotions we set off to our rooms for some much needed rest.  Please keep praying.  Pray for team unity, pray for us to accomplish the task that have been set before us, and pray that we are an encouragement to Betsy and the staff and students here at CSCD.



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