Time is Getting Short

Well time is certainly getting closer for our departure.  I guess it is time to get caught up on the many happenings that have been going on with our team.  The team has had four training sessions so far including our overnight retreat.  Our fifth training will be this Friday, July 22.  Along the way we have dug into many passages of Scripture.  We have used the Bible to help us cover many topics like how to serve, why we go, why we need support, and how to resolve conflicts, to just to name a few.  We are grateful to Tammi Wolfe for her willingness to meet with the whole team to help us learn some much needed basic ESL.    We have learned about our destination, our host missionary, and the school where we will be working.  As we have worked through all of this, we have grown united as a team and in our purpose which we have defined as “To serve the staff and students of CSCD and all we come in contact with”.  We have seen a team with many gifts and talents which God has provided.  We have some gifted teachers, several who have language skills both in Spanish and ESL, some with technical and mechanical skills, and all who have a heart to serve. We are so excited to see what God has in store for us as we seek to serve him by serving those at CSCD.  We continue to seek your continued prayer and financial support as we get through these final days before we leave.  Many on our team have much work to complete in their places of business and homes to prepare for the trip.  Please continue to pray for strength and clarity as we try to make sure everything is ready.  Also, please pray for unity among the team and protection from the things that would try to distract us and prevent us from accomplishing his goal.

Steve B


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